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Fine and Coarse Mulch
Fine Mulch

Fine mulch is the smaller of the two mulches. This product is good to keep the garden weed free and is with the coarse mulch the cheapest product we produce. Fine mulch has a warm feeling to it smells nice and drains well, making it ideal for calf and goat bedding.

Fine Mulch - click to enlarge

Coarse Mulch

Coarse mulch is THE best bark to keep the weeds out of your garden and the moisture in! This product looks very natural and can be used without weedmat or paper underneath. You have put the bark on at least 10 cm (4") deep to get the best result. You will save yourself hours of weeding. This product is the most cost effective also!!

Coarse Mulch is great as bedding in calf sheds. It smells nice, drains well, keeps the calves warm and lasts for two seasons. Afterwards it can be used on the garden. Coarse mulch has also been used with success for wintering pads for cattle and horses.

Coarse Mulch - click to enlarge


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