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3FB Kiwi Orchid Bark

3FB stands for "Fresh Fine Fibrous Bark".
We are continuosly improving the qualities of this product to get the optimal result. 

George Fuller (Curator at Pukekura Park) has completed a very successful trial growing Pleonies in 3FB (for more details see his testimonial). Additionally Disa and masdevallia Orchids were grown in 3FB with very satisfactory results.
It is also a good product to grow seedlings in. 

 Some of George Fullers results are shown in the images below.

All plants were grown in 3FB. 

Jenny Walsh has also trialled our 3FB bark, here is what she has to say about using this product:

"As a keen orchid grower I have trialled many growing media for my plants over the years.

 Most recently I tested Taranaki Bark Products 3FB bark in the growing conditions I use for my plants and found this product has many good uses. 

I use it for seedlings straight from the flask and growing on Keikis using 3FB in a mix with No. 2 Bark.

In my larger Dendrobiums that I hang, I use about an inch of No. 3 Bark, then about an inch of 3FB at the base of the plant topped up with No. 3 Bark. This helps retain a bit of moisture as hanging baskets dry out fairly quickly in the breeze.
I have also used a 50/50 mix of 3FB Bark and No. 2 Bark when growing my Masdevallias. For my Odontoglossums I mix 3FB with No. 3 Bark. I do this to prevent dehydration of the growing media and prefer this 3FB mixture over sphagnum moss.
I am very happy with the results obtained and would recommend everyone to try this product." Jenny Walsh.

Other orchid genera are grown in 3FB with good results.

Pleione Cleopetra Pleione Torbay
Pleione George Fuller Stand
Pleione Dorris Torbay Pleione Serendipity



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